Dias de Moda and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada in Panama

As I said, Dias de Moda (dmp) are 3 days of fashion, designers, fair, interactive seminars, etc. all of these in a same point, Panama City.
Dias de Moda, its the Panamenian Fashion Week, which counts with the participations of locals and internationals fashion designers, an interactive catwalks of emergent designers, and another from the students of fashion design from Ganexa University of Arts. This is the year #8 of this fashion event, organized by Physical Models Agency. and their creators Marie Clare de Bueno and Nikki de Roy.
The other good new is that this year as a first time, the opening will count with the participation of the FABULOUS Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, the Spain designer, during september 30th. This is a speacial runway, that was made to recollected money for the Campaign against the Cancer of breast from the office of the First Lady of the Republic of Panama Vivian Fernandez de Torrijos, wife of the president.

Marie Clare explain that bringing de La Prada was the best choice, because they were searching for someone which attracts a public of a more high level to recollected the benefical bottoms.
"Another Reason to invited Agatha was that "she has a very singular style, that doesnt went out of fashion easily, and its perfect for the tropic, where the countries are very funny and colourful, as her designs", includes Bueno.

The designer its very excited about the invitation that was made to her, and maybe with this visit, she could plans to open a store in Panama, that its turning in a very Cosmopolita Point.

During october 1,2 and 3 you could expected another 34 runways organized for Dias de Moda with the presence of 21 locals designer, 11 internationals, and 2 comercial catwalks, some details could be modified.
- Greta Bayo
- Reyna Morales
- Judy Attie
- Irma Casis
- Chely Sugastame
- Sara Bassan
- Cayo Julio
- Moisés Sandoya
- Juan David Vélez (2 runways)
- Ganexa
- Andrea Vernaza
- Melina Typaldos
- Ana Chajin
- Claudia Szerer
- Norma Valenzuela & Roberto Bonner
- Gaby Valenzuela
- Lital Btesh

- Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (Spain)
- Pineda Covalín (México)
- Nidal Nahued (Venezuela)
- Felix Poll (Puerto Rico)
- Giselle Matamora (Center America)
- Lisa Thon (Puerto Rico)
- Noreim & Michelle Otero (Puerto Rico)
- Robert Flores (Rep. Dominicana)
- Juan Carlos Gordillo (Guatemala)

The tickets of Dias de Moda, will be on sale in the offices of Physical modelos Agency in Ave. Balboa, with a cost of B/.30.00

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