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Not the best resolution pictures, but Im still without camera, so I stole this pix from my dear friend Stephanie's (in the white dress) facebook.

Place: Sathya Boutique
Reason: Mini Runway from Monica Socolovsky Fall Collection 2010
Me Wearing: Mini Floral Cut Out dress (Own Design) which is the first Im proud of (2 wear) obviously I will always love wearing my designs but at the end of the day is about how similar to the design it is and how well it fits, and the
seamstress did it great! I really really love this one! but she makes me get there super late, cause at 6pm the dress wasnt done, well being late is kind of normal on me (not a good thing to write here but...what can I say) it isnt always off course, so dont get me wrong lol. The point is that Im learning how to dress up really fast when Im short of time, which is good and I had the chance to see a couple of pieces from the collection.

Vintage Bag (from my grandma's closet) representing hahaha!!
Vintage Earrings (from my mom, not mine at all, still belong to her)
Nude Pump Shoes from Nine West

Hair Credits: Myself

P.S Thanks Elias Jimenez and Sathya Boutique 4 the invitation!


Olguita R. said...

Nice dress!! Bueno yo me he hecho algunas cosas, ahora estoy trabajando en mi primer vestido para mí, ya hice uno pero para otra persona! Te felicito buen diseño... Me hubiera gustado ir, pero era mi cumpleaños, y pues ya tenía muchos planes, pero se vé que fue un super evento... Felicidades a Elías Jimenez

Liz Moreno said...

Gracias Olguie, Im glad that u like my dress!