There were 3 young girls with very special talents. All 3 of them had gone about their lives separately, until one day when they met by accident.The girls were sick of school and being ignored by boys, maybe their hair was too crazy, or they were too shy or awkward, but their social lives suffered because they just didnt fit in.

But then, one stormy day at school, skipping class in the girls bathroom, they came together for the first time. Like electricity had been shot through each of them, all their hair stood up and their teeth sparkled. They could move things without touching them, make time go slowly, they could trick their teachers into thinking they were in class, and memorize entire books in minutes, but best of all they could make boys fall in love with them.

These girls camp out in their backyards for fun, they light candles everywhere, and if you visit them at home they ususally have all sorts of animals. Their wardrobes are filled with silk robes and bows and hats, they drink tall glasses of milk and snack chocolate while they watch the sunrise. These are the kind of girls who ride bikes through the city to the cinema that plays old movies in the middle of the day. They watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or "Rosemarys baby". These are the kind of girls who are quiet in public.

After school they danced up the stairs and into the bedrooms, spilling clothes from drawers, Suddenly everything they wanted to wear was there for them, hot red lipstick, beautiful wedge heels, long gowns and drapey silk robes. They were in Heaven.

They conjured up their favorite food and drinks and laughed until their stomachs hurt. They danced madly around the pool and made wishes into the sky. The world was theirs. They wondered how they had ever lived without their powers.

These girls were the kind of girls who always believed in unicorns, they believed in the power of love and dreams. They were the kind of girls who gaxed out of the windows at bigger worlds, and rain made them think of faeries and tree houses. In the summer they read Jane Austen and listened to Fleetwood Mac while sipping cold tomato juice.

They told ghost stories under huge floral sheets, candles glowing below their faces. The spooky endings made them scream and laugh. They huddled together so they wouldnt get too scared. Every sound outside made them jump.

They were the kind of girls who put too many marshmallows in their hot chocolate and when the snow came down, lit the fire and pretend to be in the North Pole. They would water color things they couldnt see, and eat french toast for lunch.

They played with fireworks and sparklers in the yard until late hours of the night. They wore big coats with long Tshirts and laughed wildly a the night sky.

The girls realized they should be careful! with their new power, but that didnt mean they wouldnt use it for fun.

The girls felt like they were in Wonderland, they could shrink and grow and float as if theyd fallen down the rabit hole. This new world was full of new surprises.

After a long, magical night, they crawled into bed, tired and ready to sleep...


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