Lets START this!

hello everyone!

its 23:10pm, i was doing nothing literally, then i surf up to the web, to catch a little about fashion, i loooove fashion, anything, everything related with and specially Fashion Design! so i created this blog to comprovated if in the middle of boredom its when you started being creative, with what you already have. I must be writting, publishing, tagging, and on... about the fashionada! hahaha, at the Panamenian style. Well... people, if you love fashion as i do, I welcomed you to a little piece of my world, to involved you, with the latest trends, what i liked, disliked, and specially, about what's GOINGG ON! in the Panamenian Fashion Industry, here we celebrated "Dias de Moda", its like the Panamenian Fashion Week, 3 days of fashion, courses, expositions, catwalks with the best of local's and international designers, every year we get surprised with the emergent guys, thatt oh! what a talent!!!... this is going to be celebrated on October, so hopefully i would be there, to bring you EVERYTHING! Panama its a little country, but we have a lot of talented beautiful people, the best good vibes, and a lot of hard workers, that everyday are creating good offers for the growing of the fashion industry, such as models, make up artist, hair stylist, photographers, designers off course!, fashion tv personalities, and all the fashion victims. definitelly something you just cant let pass by.


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