Walking in Heavens: Gladiator Sandals

Everyone are wearing them from Kate Moss to Ashley Tisdale, They are mainly designed from ancient Roman Empire. Ancient Greeks used to wear sandals which had a T-strap with multiple straps going across the foot. The same trend is followed in designing these Gladiator sandals. There are many shades of sandals available like the trendy metallic but also the bright bold colors. Perfect for doing shopping and window shoppings, going to the bolouverd, for the afternoon at the cafe, or perfect to hang out with friends, without loosing your fashion-glam sense. wear them with maxi dresses, they are fresh, comfortable, everyone body shaped, I loved them!, shorts and tank tops, floral dresses, skinny jeans, and lots of bracelets or a maxi ring for a boho- chic look. They're really faboulous, literally "multi useable". This season Gladiator Sandals are the MUST have! like that little black dress, and you'll adore it, trully comfortable and good looking sandal, impossible is nothing...In Heaven am in Heaveeen!

Balenciaga Stilletto gladiator

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