We are bringing back all the extravagance, colours of 60's back to our daily's, a totally reborn design evolution directly from the Peace and Love decades. and I said extravagance, as it used to be described during the original hippie and bohemian's decades, now it is a very discomplicated style, very easy to combined and to identified with, you will LOVE it!!

From Maxi dresses, Headbands, tye-die, tunic style, kaftanes, minishorts, hair waves, belt bottoms and lots of flower prints everywhere. The hippie style, very easy to wear, no matter it is day or night, and perfect for any occasion. Celebrities from Mary Kate olsen, Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, Kate Moss are loving this style. Combining them with long necklaces, and 3 or 4 XL purses, in one hand. Signs of the trend have also been spotted at Pucci, Matthew Williamson, and D&G. This season there are also a lot of trends that are inspired in folks, bohemian, and groovy styles, mixed them to create a personal style. For my part am loving the Cavalli's which is one among many who are feeling the free love with long, natural locks and psychedelic prints.

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