If you are the kind of person that don't dominated any type of sports to the maximum such like me, or if maybe and just maybe one day you should imagine yourself in the olympic games, but you look it very miles away to came true, you could get the most adorable and luxiorous accesories that gucci as many other brands, are working out for this beijin olympic games, that reflected all the spirit of the event and the tradition of the lejano oriente. They're a total of 8 luxurious limited edition products, Of course there must be China’s most treasured Panda, Mahjong and products in red reprepping China. They would only be on sale in China's Gucci Stores. The only avaible piece all around the world its the new I-Gucci clock, so there its no way to keep close to the olympic games and pretty easy to keep in mind the hours of each competition, wherever you are. Beautiful and quality collection pieces that you Must get if you are plannig to be there, and the most fabulous its how fashionable they are, offcourse thanks to Gucci!