My name is Liz Moreno...

Last week, I was thinking about some interesting advertising, that I could possibly included in this blog, few days after, someone send me a mssg at msn, asking me if I want to be his "ChicaLatina" of the month in his website, talking about it, I mentioned him about my blog, and as a cliché he suggest me, what I was thinking about some days ago... so, at the right of this site, I invited you to click and visit his cool and new web about Latin and Panamenian Farandule, music and more "Latin Pro Music"- or click here www.latinpromusic.com, estoy segura que a los adictos de la musica les va a Encantarrrr!
Then, les invito a que lean sobre mi en ChicaLatina, hahaha, yes I agree! and read some details about me.
Skip - http://www.latinpromusic.com/home/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=177:latinchica-liz-moreno&catid=39:latinchica&Itemid=60
also, I must mention my special thanks to the genious behind the camera in this article, my beautiful friend Alain Jimenez, he is like REAALLYYY fabulous! thank you a loooot for all of the beautiful pictures!
well, that's all por ahora.


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