Hansel & Gretel AND Lady GaGa - The True Story (tell your children)

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Brother and sister are home alone with not a morsel to eat.
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They venture out to hunt for wild strawberries in the woods, where Gretel's lily-white frock shines against the dark foliage of the Tree-men. Before long, though, they're hopelessly lost.
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The Sandman sprinkles magic dust onto the frightened children, who fall into a deep sleep and dream about a banquet served by a fish maître d'. Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière wool-silk jacket.
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The two discover a house in the forest, only to find it occupied by an old witch (Witch Gaga). Gretel looks sweet enough to eat in a poufy confection. But it's Hansel the evil one wants to fatten up and feast on.
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Before the witch can cook Hansel and Gretel—whoosh—they push her into the oven and shut the door.
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The Witch Is Dead! The children baked into gingerbread by the hag come back to life.

-Def! one of my favourite fairy tales, and love this editorial by far!!!! Funny and Fashionable...
Little Girl & Boy Lost
Inspired by the Metropolitan Opera's production of Hansel n Gretel, a Fashion Fairy Tale of white frocks unfolds.

Played by: Andrew Garfield, Lilly Cole and Lady Gaga
Photographed by: Annie Leibovitz

Complete story appears in US Vogue December 09

Bonus: Reading the style.com article about this edition, Gaga said something pretty interesting in backstage, which probably is the perfect explanation for her weird outfits but sometimes a wonderful refreshing taste of futuristic style.
She quoted this: Matthew Williams (her art director) "my Jean-Paul Goude" was "the inspiration that made the connection for me between the art world and the fashion world. He used to say things like 'If you want to make a shoulder pad, don't research jackets—research sculpture, mineral rocks, paintings. He thinks in a different way; he is the designer of the future."

Oh la la! Saying that, it works for me, and maybe he's true, new designers (I included myself as a future fashion designer Im supposed to be) is time to try different shapes and textures, n get inspired by the most smallest but extraordinare things all over, at least Gaga's style its making a revolution of style probably not seem since decades ago.


Josh Diaz said...

I loved thisss one.. Ggaga se inspiro en los arboles esos de arriba pa un costume en Bad Romance.. She's so unique! I LOVE HER!

Liz Moreno said...

hahahah and i get inspired by the bad romance videoooo!!! yo se cual es el hat q dices hahaha, pero sabes me gusto todo el concepto de este editorial, aunque lo siento muy vago en cuanto a moda...principalmente desaprovechando la idea de q Miss Gaga fue parte de...yo lo hubiera llevado a un plano mas surrealista, como otro concepto de Hansel and Gretel, sin perder la esencia claro..
but its ok