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Im a woman of non-just one favourite thing, I dont have just one favourite pair of shoes, food, song, country, book, movie...I love to try with everything, different colours, textures, backgrounds and on, it just depends on the mood... same when Im talking about my closet, everything is welcome, anything I found interesting, unique and curious also those things you think you cant match with anything, but you know it may work!
I love this satin dress from net-a-porter, just to make it go more glamorous I matched it with the high ankle boots, and a flappy hat...anyways it might work with a pair of vintage-thriffted flat boots...

hat - intermixonline.com
hanbag - Chanel Vintage
Eyewear - Karen Walker "Helter Skelter"
Ring - Yves Saint Laurent
Ankle Boots - Bionda Castana

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