La Fabrika, celebrated from 9 to 13 (july), on the white elephant aka Elefante blanco, an enormous building that used to be Hospital Santo Tomas, dressed up to present the best of our local's musicians, and a loot of talented from the emergent artists, designers, all of them in a same point with all of their pieces. Getting there, you entered at the lobby and you can feel the aroma of arty, creativy and a lot of hard work from every exponent. Its creator Ana Perez, divided the event in 22 rooms all around the building, were you can found the artist working and talking with you about their masterpieces. Talking with them you involved yourself, with such a beautiful people with tons of amazingly vibes and you can feel all of their gratificacion and satisfaction about the whole expirience doing it. I mean...its amazing when you feel how important its your work, and how many people came and admired it, all of the sleepless and working hours they spent, were very valuable for the public who visit La Fabrika. Something very different from all of the events, trying to represent a form of appreciation of the art and the labor of creative unknown artists, to bring their name known as a first time, and to showing all of their work. Also there was the "Glam Hall" wher you could found the "Doll House" o "Casa de Munecas" a very interesting room, with an interactive catwalk from the best of "del patio" fashion designers, while you satisfy your ears listening to some chill out music, like pureza natural, papo vecino between others. One of my favourite rooms was "La Sabrosura", were you could found very interesting pieces of clothes, and tshirts "avant garde" with very ultra FABULOUS prints, and you could got them from about only $25 and $30, i love them! and another thing that calls my attention was the cinema room, with its independent films, the Miller Lounge was very cool, you could go and sit and listen to some house music. The Salon Interactivo was very cool cool with its expectacular guetto arts, and graffitis which I enjoy aaaa lot!

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